Chai Green Desirable Franchise

Is Chai Green the most desirable franchise?

20 November 2023

The founder of Chai Green 1823, explains what franchisees can expect and plans for global expansion.

What makes Chai Green 1823 different from the competition?

It’s not just another chai and street food concept. Chai Green is an experience that’s visually captivating and irresistibly delicious. By stepping into our Instagram-worthy interiors, customers can enjoy a diverse menu that crosses breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and is complemented by a selection of coffee, chai, desserts, and mocktails. It’s a concept that generates revenue from morning to evening.

How soon do franchisees usually see returns?

Franchisees can expect to recoup their investment from 24 months onwards, with total cost set up from £160,000+. The return on investment depends on a dynamic blend of factors, including management skills and the landscape’s macro-economics. While we can’t control external economic forces, we provide the tools, support, and a proven business model to maximise success.

Do you provide any financial assistance to franchisees?

Yes, we believe in turning dreams of franchise ownership into realities, and we’ve made it financially accessible. We can help fund up to 50 per cent of set up costs with backing from prestigious high street banks. This reduces initial franchisee investment to a manageable £80,000+VAT. Most of the essential equipment can also be financed through lease options, which significantly minimise initial expenditure.

What other support do franchisees usually receive, besides finances?

We provide a comprehensive support system designed to guarantee success from day one. This includes property sourcing, designers, kitchen training, grand opening support, ongoing guidance, and marketing Franchisees can expect to recoup their investment from 24 months onwards, with total set up cost from £160,000+

How have you cemented Chai Green 1823’s industry reputation?

We’re a member of the British Franchise Association (BFA), who are committed to driving ethical business models and sustainable business opportunities for all. Chai Green was also named Restaurant of The Year in 2022 by The Birmingham Awards which is a testament to our authentic food and drinks. This year, we’ve added another trophy to our collection. Chai Green was awarded Café of The Year at the Central England Prestige Awards for our commitment to providing an experience.

What’s next for Chai Green 1823?

We’re on a mission to become a dominant international brand. Chai Green is set to open 30 UK stores in the next few years and our sights are also set on the world stage, including America, Canada, and the Middle East.

At a Glance

Chai Green 1823
Established: 2020
Number of franchised outlets: 5
Minimum required capital: £80,000+VAT
[email protected]
01218 200 808

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