9 Best Chai Places to Visit in Birmingham

16 December 2021

Chai continues to grow in popularity in the UK. Here is one of the nine best chai places to visit in Birmingham

Alum Rock Road’s Chai Green is a place where you’ll find street food dishes that have influences from Karachi to Kolkata.

chai green 5236

It is the perfect chai place to stop by for any time of the day.

Chai Green’s House Chai features a blend of aromatic spices that are warming to the drinker.

Other chai options to enjoy are saffron and cinnamon, which offer contrasting flavours. This means there is something for everyone.

But no matter what chai you go for, they go well with the dishes on offer.

Some options include Frankie Rolls, Desi Breakfast and Pav Bhaji to name a few.

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