The story of chai green

It was 1823, and Britain was buzzing with the news of the discovery of a new tea variety growing in the lush hills of Assam...

...Tender young plants and first samples of this new tea were urgently dispatched by ship to England. A local plantsman went with the plants, to make sure they arrived in peak condition. The crew named him Chai Green…

(Green from his love of plants, and chai for the brew he made onboard for himself and the crew)
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By the time they got to England, the crew were desperate to know what he’d  he’d put in the delicious, warming blend they’d got to love and enjoy on the journey... love and enjoy on the journey...

...but, Chai Green wasn’t telling.

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Inspired by that first journey in 1823, this is where you’ll find tempting street-food inspired dishes, with influences from Karachi to Kolkata and beyond.

Sadly, Chai Green never did tell his recipe for chai, so we’ve spent time creating our blend...

We created this to be the perfect place to stop by any time of the day.

Make it your first stop for breakfast on your way to college or work, or for a mid-morning boost. Perhaps you’ll get together with friends over lunch and share several different plates together... or maybe just pop in for a sweet treat and chai later in the evening.

We are a part of British Franchise Association

(UK’s largest and longest standing franchise association).


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